If you love burlesque and you want to dip your toe in the glitter pool, this is your chance! WIBF offers workshops as part of our festival programming, but if you missed those workshops with Prairie Diva and Sandra Katz, don't fret! 

Prairie Diva offers year 'round classes!

 Sandra Katz is offering a workshop again for WIBF 2018! 

Don't miss out on these spectacular opportunities! 

Burlesque 101 by Sandra Katz

Burlesque 101 Workshop

Through this workshop, we hope to gauge interest and desire for future classes or coaching among burlesque performers.

Click the burlesque 101 button below for more info or to register!

Learn the art of Classic Burlesque Movements with Sandra Katz

Work on your walk! Learn chair movements. Practice with scarves or  bring your own boa. Learn from Canada’s Ultimate Feature Entertainer, Sandra Katz!

 Sandra Katz has worked as the artistic director of a ballet company, a  feature entertainer, costume designer, choreographer, and lighting  assistant at the Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival.
Open to  ALL levels of experience, we all start somewhere, and there is always  more to learn!

Hope to see your glittery selves there, but space is limited!

Prairie Diva offers Burlesque Fusion Workshops all year

Love what you see on stage at Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival shows?

Refine your strut with Burlesque Fusion Workshops by Prairie Diva throughout the year!

Classes do fill up quickly, so visit Prairie Diva on line today

Refine your strut with Prairie Diva in sassy, scintillating Burlesque Fusion classes by Prairie Diva. With Prairie Diva, you will learn to shimmy and shake those hips, working out your inner diva! Burlesque Fusion is an exciting  new form of burlesque dance! Its purpose is to make women feel confident, sexy and empowered. This style is danced to upbeat or sultry, popular music. 

Contact Prairie Diva to learn more about Burlesque Fusion classes! Some sessions even include a chance to perform in one of Prairie Diva's showcases. For more information or to sign up for classes, click the pink button below!

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