Gogo Incognito

Gogo Incognito is the sexy nerd who will rock your world!


This geek chic superfreak is an Ivy League educated, body-positive creator who loves to bring her brand of weird and nerdy burlesque to shows and conventions across the US and beyond. She's the co-owner of award winning Corsair Distillery, the founder of Dirty Nerdy Burlesque, and co-helms the food and booze burlesque show Body by Cheese, Whiskey by Corsair. She's a hardcore glamour nerd with a passion for intelligent, feminist, geek arts!

Cosplay and more!

Gogo is a multi-award-winning cosplayer, has headlined the Bunny Hutch Show at DragonCon, was the Burlesque Coordinator for the Bombshell Cruise, is competing this year for Master of Nerdlesque, and is one this year's headliners at the Winnepeg International Burlesque Festival! 

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Zyra Lee Vanity

Toronto’s Urban Desire


Zyra Lee Vanity, also known as Toronto’s Urban Desire, is a multi award winning international performer, winning titles such as “Best Burlesque” at the 2018 Arizona Burlesque Festival and “Belle of the Ball” at the 2018 New Orleans Burlesque Festival. Zyra Lee Vanity was recently voted #9 on the list of top Canadian performers via 21st Century Burlesque Magazine.

In 2016, Zyra was one of the opening acts for Dita Von Teese at Northbound Leather’s 26th Anniversary Show, and was a keynote speaker at Catalyst Con West in Los Angeles, California. Zyra Lee Vanity has also performed at notable burlesque venues such as Duane Park NYC and at notable events such as the Toronto International Porn Awards and Comic Con.  She was also one of the co producers and collaborators for the 2018 Toronto Burlesque Festival.

From the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival to the New York Burlesque Festival, Zyra has graced stages at festivals, conventions, trade show shows, expos and conferences throughout Canada and the USA. She’s been featured on Playboy Radio, Sex City Radio, and has been a panelist at several conferences and  

Burlesque performer and producer!

Zyra Lee Vanity is a Burlesque performer and producer. She is known for her high energy routines, unique and beautiful costuming, as well as mixing Afro-Caribbean culture with vintage burlesque glamour. She is versatile in the art of the tease, delivering a variety of urbanlesque, nerdlesque and classic burlesque acts.