Applications now open for the 4th Annual Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival


Gogo Incognito Twirling Tassels 101


Learn the techniques you need to twirl tassels for maximum stage impact!

 We work on isolating muscles, doing strengthening exercises, and lots of practical work, with easy exercises to take home to get your tassel game twirling! 

Please bring pasties with tassels or be prepared to buy tasseled pasties in class for $10.00. 

This class is open  to all abilities and genders. Wear comfortable bottoms, be prepared to strip down on top, and bring a notebook.  

Gogo Incognito Face, Face, Face: Emoting on Stage


  Gogo Incognito is known for giving FACE in her performances!

 This workshop focuses on working your face (and body!) to convey emotion and and depth to your performance. 

This class is for all performance levels for burlesque, variety, drag, adult, and theater, and includes interactive activities that will challenge participants and push performance boundaries. 

Open to all levels and genders. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a notebook, and be prepared to interac

Chair Dance Workshop with Prairie Diva: Saturday August 17@ 12:00 - 1:00PM


Refine your strut and learn a sassy chair dance routine with Prairie Diva on August 17 as a part of the Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival. In this class you will learn to shimmy and shake those hips, working out your inner diva, while also manipulating a chair.

This is a neo-burlesque style of class. Its purpose is to make those feel confident, sexy and empowered. This style is danced to upbeat or sultry, popular 


More Workshop information to come soon!

Zyra Lee Vanity

Zyra Lee Vanity