WIBF 2019 WORKSHOP OFFERINGS Aug 15-18, 2019

Gogo Incognito Twirling Tassels 101 2:15pm -3:15pm Saturday August 17


Learn the techniques you need to twirl tassels for maximum stage impact!

 We work on isolating muscles, doing strengthening exercises, and lots of practical work, with easy exercises to take home to get your tassel game twirling! 

Please bring pasties with tassels or be prepared to buy tasseled pasties in class for $10.00. 

This class is open  to all abilities and genders. Wear comfortable bottoms, be prepared to strip down on top, and bring a notebook.  

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Gogo Incognito Face, Face, Face: Emoting on Stage 2:00pm-3:30pm Sunday August 18


  Gogo Incognito is known for giving FACE in her performances!

 This workshop focuses on working your face (and body!) to convey emotion and and depth to your performance. 

This class is for all performance levels for burlesque, variety, drag, adult, and theater, and includes interactive activities that will challenge participants and push performance boundaries. 

Open to all levels and genders. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a notebook, and be prepared to interact!

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Blue Onyx Be Your Truest You With Blue 3:25pm-4:25pm Saturday August 17


In burlesque, we all love the magic of a performance that leaves you breathless. 

But, have you ever wondered what drives the presence of performer on stage? What influenced their choices? Why did their movements flow so effortlessly and fit the story so well? If you have ever found yourself questioning who your burlesque persona truly is or find yourself stuck in how to convey something with your facial expressions or body movement, this workshop will give you the tools to help you find your truest, most sparkly self! Using theatre games and self-reflection, followed by a short improv movement session, you will leave with a renewed love for your inner burly babe! This workshop is suitable for all levels, newbie to legend! Wear clothes you feel comfortable to move in and layers to remove. 

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Prairie Diva Chair Dance Workshop 12:00pm-1:00pm Saturday August 17


Refine your strut and learn a sassy chair dance routine with Prairie Diva on August 17 as a part of the Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival. In this class you will learn to shimmy and shake those hips, working out your inner diva, while also manipulating a chair.

This is a neo-burlesque style of class, designed to make you feel confident, sexy and empowered! This style is danced to upbeat or sultry, popular music. 

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Maria Anne Grant of DIDW In The Style Of Heels 3:00pm-4:15pm Friday August 16



Maria has been training in heels dance for over a decade, traveling the world and learning from the best! Workshop consists of; A good warm up and strengthening session to get our legs and ankles prepared for heels (and our necks) ready for some good ol’ hair whips! A portion of time is dedicated to finding the “You” in your heels - we work on the basic technique of walking and dancing in heels / spend sometime just having FUN in those heels! After that we learn a little choreography - each participant will receive a personalized professional video keepsake of themselves performing the dance!  

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Zyra Lee Vanity Whining 101: Mixing Caribbean Dance & Burlesque 1:15pm-2:05pm Saturday August 17


Zyra Lee Vanity has been mixing elements of Afro-Caribbean dance styles into her neo and classic burlesque numbers for the past 5 years. Her blend of styles has gained her international recognition & awards. Inspired by her Jamaican heritage, Zyra has mastered the art of whining while teasing. 

In this 101 workshop, learn how to whine and grind, jump & wave and other Caribbean dance styles.  Zyra will teach you the basics of various Caribbean dance moves and then show you how to work them smoothly into burlesque routines.

This class is designed for those with limited dance experience and involves beginner level choreography. Bring heels & a bottle of water! 

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Cherry Cheeks -Stage It Up! 12:15pm-1:45pm Sunday August 18


 Do you get your stage left and right mixed up? Do you have difficulty using the entire stage to your advantage? The stage is one of the biggest parts of our performance, yet it can be intimidating to get to know. Coming full force with a theatre background, Cherry Cheeks will show you the ins and outs to owning your stage! Participants can expect to leave knowing the magic stage dynamics, to easily move their routines between various stages and be sure to use the WHOLE stage. In her Stage It Up! workshop, Cherry will demonstrate the different effects, pictures, and stories you can portray by the simplest placement while knowing how to use your fourth wall.

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WIBF performers should sign up for workshops using the link below.

You  must be a WIBF performer or volunteer to purchase a workshop here. You  will need to provide your stage name and you will need to show your WIBF  Performer Badge when you sign in. Please name the workshop you are  registering for in the comment or instructions section. 

Performer Workshop Sign Up

Char Danae The Art Of Making Pasties Thursday August 15 Time TBA


Do you want to bedazzle your bazoomas? Tassleate your tatas? Or do you simply want a pair of pasties that will perfectly project your personality? This workshop will go through the ins and outs of pastie making, from choosing your base material, decorating tips, and attaching tassels so you can twirl to your heart's content! $10 materials fee includes everything you need to make your perfect pair of pasties!

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Locations for WIBF Thursday & Friday workshops:


Thursday August 15 Time TBA

GSAC 445 River Ave, Winnipeg

Char Danae shares The Art Of Making Pasties

Friday August 16 300-415 

DIDW 1381 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

In The Style Of Heels with Maria Anne Grant 300-415

If you love burlesque, this is your chance to learn from the pros!



Want to dip your toe in the glitter pool? Well, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for! 

WIBF is thrilled to offer workshops as part of our 2018 festival programming!

$20.00 for the public. 

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Locations for WIBF Saturday & Sunday workshops:


Saturday August 17 1200-430

Ted Motyka Dance Studio 460 Main St, Winnipeg 

Chair Dance Workshop with Prairie Diva: 12:00 -1:00 

Whining 101: Mixing Caribbean Dance & Burlesque Zyra Lee Vanity 


Twirling Tassels 101 Gogo Incognito 2:15-3:15

Be Your Truest You with Blue Onyx 3:25-4:25

Sunday August 18 1215-330

DIDW 1381 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

Stage It Up! with Cherry Cheeks            

1.5 hr 1215-145

Face, Face, Face: Emoting on Stage with Gogo Incognito 

1.5 hr 200-330